Parkside Cocktail Illustrations


Parkside Chicago

Project Overview

A series of drink illustrations created for Parkside's cocktail menus. The illustrations were created to match Parkside's brand style of decorative linework illustrations combined with a robust use of color to replicate each cocktail's true appearance.
Illustrations were created in collaboration with Hannah Rebernick and all design was done by her.


food illustration

Cocktail Menu

Cocktail menu design for Parkside Chicago.

Menu Teaser

Teaser menu for Parkside's Fall 2021 cocktails featuring illustrations for three cocktails.

Cocktail Illustrations

An illustration of fizzy white cocktail with thick foam and chamomile flowers called Falling Flowers.An illustration of a bubbly orange cocktail with a foamy top and matcha sprinkled on top called Ginger Rogers.An illustration of a cocktail in a tiki glass with cherry, pineapple, and mint leaves as a garnish.An illustration of a margarita with a jalapeno garnish.Illustration of Parkside's Soiree cocktail – a bubbly pink drink with dehydrated lime garnish.An illustration of a deep pink-red cocktail with dehydrated orange slices and a cinnamon stick as a garnish.A bright pink cranberry colored cocktail with a rosemary sprig garnish.An illustration of a cocktail called Blood + Honey that features a swirl of deep red in a warm golden drink.

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