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Brewpoint Coffee

Project Overview

Brewpoint Coffee is a coffeeshop located in the Chicago suburbs that focuses on thoughtful craft and local community. Their sweet aesthetic, local heart, and fun blend names inspired a label design that paired clean typography with custom, hand-drawn illustrations. This solution allowed each blend and single-origin coffee to have its own unique pattern and illustrations while maintaining a consistent Brewpoint Coffee brand.Special thanks to Jony Tanase for the photos.


packaging design, illustration, typography

Coffee Packaging

Brewpoint Coffee's The Stargazer, Naranjo, and The Acrobat coffee bags.
Coffee packaging design for Brewpoint Coffee's The Arborist – Fall Blend.Coffee packaging for Brewpoint Coffee's spring blend, The Botanist.
Coffee packaging for Brewpoint Coffee's holiday blend, The Sugar Plum Dancer.
Front label of Brewpoint Coffee's signature blend, The Illusionist.Back label of Brewpoint Coffee's signature blend, The Illusionist.
A group of Brewpoint Coffee's various bags of coffee.
Coffee packaging for one of Brewpoint Coffee's single origin coffees.Packaging design for Brewpoint Coffee's L!VE signature blend.
A group of coffee bags in a festive holiday setting.

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